Alex Nicol Airs Out Dirty Laundry in His "Trust" Video

The Montreal artist's solo album 'All For Nada' is out now
Alex Nicol Airs Out Dirty Laundry in His 'Trust' Video
After years of recording and touring with Hoan, Montreal's Alex Nicol stepped out solo last month with debut album All for Nada, and he's now shared a new video for album cut "Trust."

Directed by Paz Ramirez, the video follows a fully loaded clothesline through Montreal cityscapes, with the complete outfit eventually finding its way to Nicol for some dressup.

"We decided to roll with the idea that hanging dirty laundry exposes one's 'weaknesses' in public," Nicol explained of the clip. "In this sense, dirty laundry is a synonym for our secrets, eccentricities, unique quirks — basically the basket of features that come to define each individual, in private and in public. I like to think that our socially mandated 'weaknesses' are actually our strengths. In trusting each other to share bits of ourselves, life becomes more relatable, more invigorating."

All for Nada is out now via Michel Records/Anniversary. The album is available to stream and purchase here.