Alex Chilton Progenitures

Glitchy, messy and convoluted but rhythmic, Alc Levora is influenced by the likes of Oval, but with moodier emotions coupled with a predilection for jazz instrumental source material. Listening to Progenitures is like witnessing several jazz recordings being dragged to a back alley and violently broken-up and rearranged. A bass line, a drum beat or piano notes are viciously jerked and torn into by glitches, digital skips and static noise. What results is a raw, unrefined yet attractive recording in a brutish way. While listening to Progenitures I often inclined to look at the CD player timer to make sure the player was not skipping. Throughout the recording changes would occur where at first the samples would be longer as the recording progressed, the samples became progressively shorter until Levora just uses straight-up clicks, glitches and beats. Though Progenitures is often noisy and jarring, there are also many beautiful moments embedded on the CD like jewels encrusted in a rich cave. This is a work of ambition, not mere clicks and cuts, but more creative artistry. (Arbouse)