Alex Calder "Strange Dream" (live 'La Blogette' session) (video)

Alex Calder "Strange Dream" (live 'La Blogette' session) (video)
We've enjoyed plenty of those "Takeaway Shows" from La Blogotheque, where an artist will subvert the slick world of high-budget music videos and instead perform a stripped-down rendition of a track in a unique location. That said, the new La Blogette session from Alex Calder isn't quite what we expected as the young, Montreal-based musician wanders around with bagels, eventually settling down with a performance in a laundromat.

The video opens with a painfully long list of sponsors, and was apparently presented in association with Pitchfork TV, "Niosey" (sic), Vans Summer Jam Sessions, Nike SB, Long & McQuade's The Patio Sessions, NY Musikk Hver Dag TV and As such, we're a little surprised to learn that we're the first to post it.

By the time you get through the two minutes of opening credits and establishing shots, Calder busts out an acoustic guitar in a laundromat. There's a long passage of tuning and plenty of ambient noise from the machines, but he eventually gets around to playing Strange Dreams' title track (which, here, is called "Strange Dream").

If you like the sounds of people eating loudly eating bagels, counting change and slamming laundry machines while Alex Calder performs a quiet acoustic song, watch the "live La Blogette session" of "Strange Dream" below.

Strange Dreams will arrive on January 20 via Captured Tracks.