Alejandra Ribera "I Want" / "Goodnight Persephone" (video vignettes)

Alejandra Ribera 'I Want' / 'Goodnight Persephone' (video vignettes)
Montreal songwriter Alejandra Ribera is preparing to release La boca on February 4 through Pheromone Recordings, and she's tiding over her followers until then with a vignette series.

Uniquely, the series consists of mini visual clips that will accompany a snippets of each new song on the album. The directors for each vignette were commissioned by Kristina Wagenbauer, and the vignette series will eventually be woven together to make a final music video for the song "I Want."

Ribera said in a statement, "I told Kristina Wagenbauer about this list I created while I was writing 'I Want' and a few weeks later she came to me with the ambitious idea she had for the video. She would send my list to a select group of directors who live all over the world and ask them to create their own personal lists and capture those ideas on film. Those images would then come together to create a beautiful abstract tapestry"

Below, watch a vignette for "I Want" by Marie Davignon, plus one for "Goodnight Persephone" by Filip Piskorzynski. Follow along with future vignettes at Ribera's website.