Alcoholic White Trash Punk Rock Jihad

See what happens when pure mountain water isn’t contaminated by toxins, carcinogens and carbon monoxide? Bands are coherent and witty enough to be moderately sick, a touch offensive and entirely hilarious. Taking a page from the history of Dayglo Abortions, Vancouver’s Alcoholic White Trash (AWT) maintain that fine line between clever and stupid with Punk Rock Jihad and lovely tunes such as "Free Range Vegan,” "Bi-Curious George” and the oh-so-eloquent "I Shit My Cunt.” Problem is, while you want to smack them for making the Nobodys seem mature, this band do manage to do more than catch your eye with vulgarity. First off, there’s more to their tongue-in-cheek titles than a bunch of tomfoolery. All songs have some socially critical element to make the discerning raise an eyebrow or two. Furthermore, AWT’s musical stance is interesting as it leans slightly more towards NYC hardcore than anything else but they aren’t afraid to branch out. Chunky riffs and pounding drums make for a great sneer-a-long, but the infusion of some SoCal and Two Dogs-ish fret board mastery makes this a punk rock free-for-all that is as fun as it is fast, almost no song reaching the epic two-minute mark. (Crusty)