Alchemist Tripsis

Alchemist have always been one of a few bands that can add a progressive element to death metal with positive, nay, mind-blowing results. Due mostly to the fact that they understand how nuances such as Middle Eastern influences and industrial keyboard passages should enhance an already solid foundation, they build tunes from the ground-up, relying on steadfast, brutal rhythms and sombre vocal techniques before factoring in any untraditional forces. Overall, it makes for albums that advance the state of the genre while still sounding quite elemental and almost primitive. In the case of sixth effort Tripsis, the band are tighter and more focused than ever, with each track raging towards uncontrollable cacophony but pulling back just in time to feature an oddly timed interlude or moody undertone. Add in that every song revolves around dismal topics that border on the morbid ("Wrapped In Guilt,” "Tongues And Knives” and "Degenerative Breeding”) and the ominous atmosphere intensifies exponentially. Overflowing with a fresh attack, guttural beats and intellectual embellishments, Tripsis is another gem in the weighty, if oft overlooked, crown of these Aussie metal gods. (Relapse)