Alchemist Tripsis

Alchemist, a somewhat unheralded band from Australia, are a difficult beast to classify. Fusing dense riffs, lengthy rhythm passages, a Middle Eastern feel and hints of electronics makes for a sound that’s probably best described as similar to High on Fire. Vocally, the High on Fire smoky surrealism is very similar sounding, so fans of that band will certainly find something they like here. For those who are unfamiliar with these Aussies, they are purported to be one of Australia’s most established and respected metal acts, and have built up a solid following since their formation in 1987. Tripsis is their seventh full-length and it certainly offers a fresh sound that may catch the ear of metal fans bored with the same-ish music emanating from the scene today. To get really into this album, one should skip the first track, "Wrapped in Guilt,” as it stands alone as the only dragging and flat-out boring cut on the album (unfortunately it appears that this first track will be the first single). Opening jitters aside, this is a good album to get into if you are looking for a fresh, prog-y sound. The High on Fire release is leaps and bounds ahead but Tripsis is still an album worth your attention. (Relapse)