Album Sales Hit Their Worst Week Ever

Album Sales Hit Their Worst Week Ever
Turns out even Bieber fever can't cure what ails the music industry these days. According to Nielsen SoundScan, this past week was the worst single week for total album sales since the company started tracking in 1991.

As the New York Times points out, this week's album sales only made it to a dismal 5.3 million. The week's best-selling album was Justin Bieber's My World 2.0, which sold just over 60,000, close to being the lowest-selling No. 1 album in SoundScan history. (The Dreamgirls soundtrack sold about 300 fewer copies in January 2007.)

On the bright side, the National took third spot with last week's excellent High Violet, which sold 51,000 albums, just less than a band called Lady Antebellum, who sold 54,000.

Of course, CD sales have been spiraling ever downward since the advent of downloading, and haven't yet plateaued.

However, the ever-optimistic Eric Weinberg, president of Nielsen Entertainment, made this statement: "While there's a lot of talk of declining album sales, a number of highly anticipated albums are scheduled for release in the next few months and we expect sales to trend upward."

Ah, then all's well and good. According to industry expertise, sales are also expected "trend upward" in the latter half of November and most of December. The industry is saved!*

*Please note sarcasm of this entire paragraph.