Alan McGee Calls My Bloody Valentine "A Joke"

Alan McGee Calls My Bloody Valentine "A Joke"
My Bloody Valentine are a "comedy band” and "a joke,” and their reunion tour is nothing but a "nostalgic cabaret,” at least according to former Creation boss and the man who signed them, Alan McGee. Recently on McGee’s blogs, he lashed out at the reunited My Bloody Valentine, dropping his "Kevin Shield is a genius” routine for one that lays the hate on good and thick.

Today on McGee’s MySpace blog, he wrote (and rather poorly): "Their is a beautiful irony that the 'nostalgic cabaret’ that is my bloody valentine are throwing at people in 2008 gets critical acclaim in the easily pleased UK press with MBV still playing the exact same set they did 20 years ago and the only trick Kevin Shields has anymore in 2008 is actual volume and double extra pa to numb you and zero new songs.”

These less than kind words follow a similar outburst from last year when McGee was interviewed for the Guardian newspaper, which he blogs regularly for. Asked about the impact shoegazing has had on contemporary music, McGee told journalist Jude Rogers: "Bloody nonsense. My Bloody Valentine were my comedy band. Ride were different — they were a rock band, really, a fantastic rock band — but My Bloody Valentine were a joke, my way of seeing how far I could push hype."

Yes, perhaps McGee is still ticked about My Bloody Valentine nearly bankrupting Creation with Loveless. But we have the feeling he’s more bitter about no longer getting his cut of the band’s big bucks they’re being paid by playing "zero new songs.”

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