Alan Braxe Kicked Out of Club for Urinating While DJing

Alan Braxe Kicked Out of Club for Urinating While DJing
Following a bout of fisticuffs with DJ Assault back in 2008, French DJ and apparent shit disturber Alan Braxe has got himself into more onstage trouble. This time, it's because he pissed all over a club's curtain while he was performing.

San Francisco's DNA Lounge reports that Braxe couldn't hold it in any longer while he was headlining at the club on Friday (December 9), and decided to whip it out onstage and drain his lizard all over the club's back wall curtain. In his defence, maybe he just really liked the club and wanted to mark it as his own.

Braxe was immediately kicked out, and when he acted bewildered at his dismissal they offered to let him back in if he'd pay for some curtain cleaning.

The club's full statement is below:

Turns out that our headlining DJ last night, Alan Braxe, has a bladder control problem. That's the generous explanation for why he decided, in the middle of his DJ set, to turn around and piss on our back-wall curtain instead of using the restroom which is twenty feet away.

After his set, when we had tossed him out, he was aghast that we chose not to let him back in. We said that we'd be happy to let him in if he paid us what it was going to cost to have the curtain cleaned. He declined. Also he threatened to sue us. "For what?" I inquired. "Because I wouldn't come out and talk to him," Barry tells me.

Well, good luck with that.

UPDATE: In a statement to Pitchfork, an Alan Braxe rep has claimed DNA Lounge's accusations are false, saying, "I would just like to confirm this is a complete fabrication of the truth and Alain in no way urinated on any curtain or wall. This is a personal attack on Alain and something we will be taking very seriously indeed."

UPDATE 2: Braxe has now issued the following statement:

I DID NOT and WOULD NOT ever urinate on or damage a venue's or anybody else's property. The accusation of a "bladder problem" is also false, and offensive!

These lies have been fabricated, twisted and spread by somebody at the venue in order to generate extra interest in that space, in what appears to be a very inappropriate PR stunt.

This personal attack on my nature and artistic image is distasteful, hurtful and it is something that I will be taking very seriously.

Apart from this unpleasant gossip, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to play again in the U.S. and Canada and want to sincerely thank everybody who came to the shows and made them such fun and successful nights.

I also want to thank all the promoters for inviting me and Jeffrey Paradise and his team for a great night in SF.

I'm really looking forward to returning to San Francisco in the future and I wish you all the best over the holiday season.

Kindest regards,

Alan Braxe

Thanks to FACT for the tip.