Akuma 100 Demons

Well, it seems bands will forever re-release their old '80s hardcore albums... oh, this is new material? No, isn't that a Sheer Terror cover? An old Agnostic Front song? Sick of It All? Hmm, well, Quebec's Akuma seem proud to proclaim that they are an "old school" band, and if they're having a fun time playing this tired brand of '80s NYC hardcore, so be it. They're not hurting anyone, although some of their lyrics may imply that they'd like to, which is amusing at best. Some of the lyrics are fairly positive, and some of the songs get your foot tapping, but this is another album full of extremely recycled hardcore songs. Why do bands keep doing this? Oh, and the fact that the drums sound like a Casio keyboard doesn't help matters any. (Independent)