Airborn Audio Good Fortune

Airborn Audio, the new project of Antipop Consortium’s M Sayyid and High Priest, attempts to take experimentation in hip-hop to a new level by eschewing the very idea of convention. To this end, the two emcee/producers have taken an "anything goes” approach to their latest effort, playing fast and loose with traditional song structures, switching up tempos in mid stride and drawing from a futuristic sound pallet of electronic bleeps and drones. What results is a chaotic meeting of fractured beats, schizophrenic rhythms and chilling atmospherics, with Airborn Audio occupying a musical spectrum that runs between the sound of new millennium electro and Lil Jon-type Southern crunk. On "Best Shit In The World,” the vocals actually start out in reverse (as on a record played backwards) as the track breaks out into some computerised funk, before slowing down to about half the speed at the midway point, only to go double and triple time in the end. More odd-ball antics are to be had on "Know Who You Are,” with M Sayyid singing in high pitch about going to L.A. to be a star, followed by the eerie "House Of Mirrors,” replete with haunted melodies and Vincent Price-type opening. Through all of Good Fortune’s otherwise admirable experimentation, the album’s weakest element is undoubtedly the rather vapid lyricism of both M Sayyid and High Priest, who spit at length about nothing at all and reference outdated cultural figures like Miss Chleo and Dikembe Mutombo. Such auditory space might have been better used for more forward thinking production. (Ninja Tune)