Air "Seven Stars" (ft. Beach House's Victoria Legrand)

Air 'Seven Stars' (ft. Beach House's Victoria Legrand)
As previously reported, film-loving electro junkies Air's next album will be Le Voyage Dans La Lune, which was inspired by the 1902 movie of the same name. Now, we've got a single from the album in the form of "Seven Stars," which features guest vocals from Beach House frontwoman Victoria Legrand.

Given that it was originally written to accompany a silent film that's considered one of the first ever science fiction clips, it's only fitting that the song is steeped in futuristic atmosphere. The are resonant piano chords, twinkling electronics, and a healthy dose of reverb. Halfway through, the tumbling rhythms are interrupted for a "Space Oddity"-style countdown to blast-off.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune comes out on February 7 via Astralwerks.