Air "Parade" (video)

Air 'Parade' (video)
The influential 1902 sci-fi flick Le Voyage Dans La Lune was only 14 minutes long, but French electronic heroes Air turned it into the inspiration for their entire new album. The LP drops on February 7 via Astralwerks, and now we've got another sample from Le Voyage Dans La Lune in the form of "Parade."

This upbeat tune contains a flurry of driving rhythms with some psychedelic, squelching instrumental accompaniment. This is backed with celestial synth tones, which complement the sci-fi theme nicely. Fittingly, the video accompaniment is taken from the film Excursion to the Moon, which is a 1908 remake of Le Voyage Dans La Lune that shows a spaceship quite literally getting swallowed by the moon.

This video doesn't appear to be official, since it comes from YouTube user lichtwerk3, but it's still a pretty cool sample of this hotly-anticipated album.