Air Everybody Hertz

Opinions of Air's 2001 album 10,000 Hz Legend are still up in the air. It was a record that took their music to a new level but caught a lot of people by surprise and left some wondering what was going on. "It was a challenge for us and we wanted to prove ourselves that Moon Safari [their 1998 debut] was not luck, but the first take of our work and that now we are an established band," explains J-B Dunckel, one half of the duo. The third take of their work, the aptly named remix album Everybody Hertz, shows tracks from their last album in a new light. "A remix is just a different arrangement of a composition, so it becomes more like the same woman that you dress in a different way." Each of the remixes transforms an Air track into something completely different, though according to Dunckel "a remix is not able to change the soul of the song." Remixers include legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood going to work on "How Does It Make You Feel?," which is by far the highlight of the album; Modjo, who salsa their way through "People In The City" and the highly popular Neptunes crew, who turn "Don't Be Light" into a fat chunk of pornographic R&B. Though most of the interpretations on this record are interesting and well done, Everybody Hertz suffers from the fact that it is a compilation, not a proper album. The inclusion of basic edits of their three singles and an unimpressive outtake from 10,000 Hz Legend makes this record not only a disappointment but a waste of money for the band's real fans, who likely has already have this material anyway. (Astralwerks)