Aim Means of Production

Andy Turner is quickly emerging as being the strongest force coming out of the Grand Central station. Like a locomotive under the moniker of Aim, Turner dropped numerous hip-hop diamonds in the form of twelve-inch singles in the early stages of Grand Central’s formation. Finding these rare grooves today might be a difficult task, but now you can make due with the incredibly impressive Means of Production. Consisting of Aim’s singles from 1995 to ‘98, we’re given a more raw sound of the UK producer, with more sinister beats and crushing bass lines. Though his more melodic and soulful compositions of today are beautiful, it’s the straight-up hip-hop funk in this collection that sees Aim at his most razor-sharp. "Diggin Dizzy” could very well be one of Aim’s greatest musical accomplishments with its neck-snapping snare break matched with atmospheric trumpet and flute loops, very similar to early DJ Krush. He then flips it up for "Original Stuntmaster,” a humorous upbeat tempo with a very strong Lemon Jelly vibe that centres itself on an Evil Knievel interview sample, as the daredevil prepares for his latest death-defying act. Means of Production is a gorgeous re-issue of the work that Aim was dropping before releasing his first record, and apart from "Demonique” there’s nothing on here that wound up on his debut. This is the reason why heads were gagging for Andy Turner long before he unleashed Cold Water Music. (Grand Central)