Aidan Knight "Singer Songwriter" on Exclaim! TV

Aidan Knight 'Singer Songwriter' on Exclaim! TV
BC-born indie-rocker Aidan Knight delivered his second album, Small Reveal, last fall. With a full band behind him this time around, he was able to offer up a bigger, more embellished sound. During his recent stop at the Mod Club in Toronto, ON, while touring with Hannah Georgas, Aidan and his band stopped by the Exclaim! office for a little pre-show preview.

Knight's performance of "Singer Songwriter" is soft and subdued, with slow-building instrumentals that eventually shape the dramatic rise and fall of the song's finale. But even with all the added elements, Knight's lyrics and vocals always remain the focal point.

Small Reveal is available now via Outside Music. Watch Aidan Knight's live performance of "Singer Songwriter" live on Exclaim! TV.

Audio by Nash Bussieres
Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon