Aidan Baker & Claire Brentnall "Dead Languages" (video)

Aidan Baker & Claire Brentnall "Dead Languages" (video)
Nadja's Aidan Baker has delivered records like Dualism and Half Lives over the last couple years, but his latest work perhaps has the most in common with early 2015 offering The Confessional Tapes.
Baker calls his upcoming album Delirious Things a "spiritual companion" to that album, and its new single "Dead Languages" was brought to fruition with the help of collaborator Claire Brentnall. But despite the ethereal quality evoked by the guest vocals, Baker's approach to the music sounds even heavier than before.
"I wanted to do an album that looked both forwards and back, taking influence from early experimental synth-pop and shoegaze albums and combining those sounds with more contemporary electronics and a certain granular ambience," Baker explained in a statement about the collaborative offering.
"I thought her vocals would take the songs one step further in that forward/backward direction in a manner that I wouldn't be able to accomplish myself," he added.
You can now hear the sound of Brentnall's voice and Baker's music collide in "Dead Languages," which has been paired with an accompanying video filled with abstract layered imagery.
Delirious Things is due out on January 27 through Pleasence/Gizeh Records. Watch the video for "Dead Languages" below.