Aidan Baker Loop Studies One

All the sounds here are simply Aidan Baker’s electric guitar. It’s something he is known for; guitar sounds camouflaged, washed out and extended using effects and achieving great results. This music is very slow, dreamlike and mesmerising. Low-end droning, harmonious reverberated loops, drifting splendour tinged with slight feedback. A beautiful, whining, hum begins, melodically echoing and growing. Slowly, layers of cloud-like shuddering drones form, unrestrained, intimate bell chiming appears, extending as the loops ever so slowly evolve to vibrating timbres. Gamelan-like muffled thudding delicately throbs, whimpering, bending tones fade in, Theremin-sounding loops join the mix and build to a piano style outro. Some guitar plucking is detectable in the last track amid shimmered ringing and pulsating whirrs of soft distortion. Amazing, trance-inducing journeys. (Laub)