Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir Fighting and Onions

We need more agnostics; the fence straddlers who don’t pledge allegiance to any side of the musical map but have friends in every corner — like the good folks of the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. Chorally torn between the Mississippi Delta and the Rocky Mountains, they’ve twisted a variety of styles into their own. They have a proclivity for the bizarre and come equipped with an arsenal of modified and peculiarly tuned instruments. They’ve given birth to a monster of sorts, have conquered their hometown Calgary, and moved on to blues rock bars and festival circuits around the country. They’re certainly a crowd pleaser. The band’s awe-inspired blend of the boldest and most boisterous elements of artists like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Tom Waits leaves listeners stunned: mouths gaping and ears ringing. The band’s latest release is their second official full-length and like their first album, Saint Hubert, the Agnostics recorded most of Fighting and Onions live and all together in their rehearsal space. You hear it as it was, as it is, and as it’s supposed to be — there is no bullshit. The Agnostics play a fine set and it’s the gospel truth dammit! You can’t argue with that. (S.A.P.)