Aggressor Beyond All Reckoning

AggressorBeyond All Reckoning
Aggresssor are a thrash metal band based in Toronto, ON, and Beyond All Reckoning is their fourth full-length release. The group feature brothers Brian Stephenson (ex-Annihilator) and Chris Stephenson (Cauldron) on vocals/guitar and drums, respectively, as well as Shotgun Cure's Harut Savchenko on lead guitar and Diemonds' Daniel Dekay on bass. While Aggressor situate themselves within the thrash renaissance still sweeping heavy metal, they succeed where many have failed because they're not confined by it. While they certainly employ a very fast, aggressive, driving approach to drumming and grooving, thrash-y guitar riffs, they also incorporate elements of classic and alternative rock into their sound, as well as traditional heavy metal. The result is a sound that comes across as honest and authentic, paying homage to their influences while also moving beyond them to create something new. The songs on Beyond All Reckoning each posses standalone power. "More to Discover," dedicated to fallen Evile bassist Mike Alexander, begins as a plaintive acoustic ballad then roars through to its triumphant conclusion. Final track "Redemption" is the highlight, featuring blistering vocals, along with a bloody-minded precision, which showcases exactly how talented the band members are as songwriters. Beyond All Reckoning features a rich and meaty sound, with a nimble and elegant execution. (Independent)