AGF.3 + Sue.C Mini Movies

Dreams, diaries, poems and postcards, these are the linguistic coups de coeur of East German digital artist Antye Greie, or AGF. On this CD/DVD collaboration with Sue Constabile (Gold Chains), originally released in 2006, AGF extends many of these forms into the realm of digital video. On the CD side of the jewel box, Greie is at her funkiest, notably on "Marzipan," which is like a vintage acid jazz groove with frames pulled out to cause skips and slurs. Her hard and sharp editing style creates percussive energy without resorting to traditional techno beats. For the main video collaboration, Constabile plays representative imagery against macro-shot abstractions to match the inner/outer examinations in Greie's texts. Oppositions to do with distance, nature vs. urbanity and stillness vs. chaos set the stage for dreamlike musings on friendships and belonging to geography. The connection shared by the women is an obvious affection for simple ideas and images that become complex when closely examined. They've created poetry that reflects our digital age. (Asphodel)