Agent 51 The Red & the Black

Agent 51 rock out with AC/DC style while maintaining a very punk energy and musical approach. With a sound that is equal parts Guns N’ Roses as it is Ramones, this, the band’s third release, is an incredibly strong collection of all-out balls-to-the-wall rock tunes. With a lot of songs about such important rock subjects as drugs, whiskey, and murder, Agent 51 make you wanna take off a few important layers of clothing, get loaded, and run through some kind of public park. Yes, rock and/or roll can make us crazy sometimes, and with such strong songwriting combined with such strong attitude, one can’t help but go a little "rock crazy” while listening to The Red & the Black. Just make sure you don’t actually run through that park. Cops seem to frown on such activities. You’ll probably just have to make due with listening to this record on repeat in your room. Not a bad substitute at all, actually. (Surfdog)