Agenda Of Swine Waves of Human Suffering

The grindcore world has been missing mighty U.S. crust-grind kings Benumb. Some diehard basement dwellers have even noticed Vulgar Pigeons haven’t released anything in quite some time. But we can all rejoice in Agenda of Swine, the new project from members of those bands, most notably hilarious vocalist Pete Ponitkoff, who would probably slaughter me for calling him "hilarious,” as his lyrics are all quite serious and all very political. And it’s his conviction that makes these tunes count, just as it did with Benumb. Here, the listener will find Benumb’s maniacal, unhinged grind and crust but with a more polished (that’s relative) edge and metallic approach. Some of these songs are epics, clocking in at, shit, over four minutes ("Devouring the Residual Bile” is soaring metal by way of ADD grindcore). Ponitkoff is up to his usual tricks, cramming more syllables in per second than was previously thought possible while the band handle sludge-y crust, frantic grind and upbeat punk rock with ease. See "Amongst the Forgotten” to hear the band tie it all together perfectly. (Relapse)