Against Me!, Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus "Androgynous" (Replacements cover)

Against Me!, Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus "Androgynous" (Replacements cover)
The Replacements have been playing some new material as of late, but for those who prefer their classic work, Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus, and Laura Jane Grace and Atom Willard of Against Me! have teamed up to cover "Androgynous."

While the original version of the song was a low-key piano shuffle, these collaborators turn it into an upbeat folk anthem with strummed acoustic guitars and even some mandolin. Performing in a sunny backyard, Grace and Jett sing the lead vocals, while Cyrus chimes in with backup singing. Watch it below.

This performance is for Cyrus' charity the Happy Hippie Foundation, which aims to fight the injustice faced by homeless youth, LGBT youth and others.


More #backyardsessions videos coming today!! Huge thank you to Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and #JoanJett of Joan...

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Friday, May 8, 2015