Against Me! Announce Extended Reissue of 'White Crosses'

Against Me! Announce Extended Reissue of 'White Crosses'
It's only been a year since Florida punkers Against Me! issued their latest full-length, White Crosses, but the band have gone through some serious changes since then. For one, the act's relationship with Sire Records went sour, resulting in the Against Me! leaving the label. Rebounding from that partnership, the group recently launched their own imprint, Total Treble Music, and have now announced that their first release on the imprint is a deluxe reissue of White Crosses.

The band will be dropping a modified White Crosses on July 26. The package features the original ten-song album with four bonus cuts, all recorded by Butch Vig and mixed by Alan Moulder. A bonus disc titled, what else, Black Crosses will feature 14 alternate takes and unreleased material. Nine of the 14 cuts on the bonus disc feature former drummer Warren Oakes, who left the band in 2009. Available as either a two-CD set or a triple LP, White Crosses/Black Crosses also comes with a 32-page booklet featuring art and lyrics. You can see the tracklist below.

Though Against Me! are taking a glance at the recent past with the reissue, the band are reportedly going to be prepping tunes for their sixth full-length near the end of the summer.

White Crosses:

1. "White Crosses"
2. "I Was A Teenage Anarchist"
3. "Because Of The Shame"
4. "Suffocation"
5. "We're Breaking Up"
6. "High Pressure Low"
7. "Ache With Me"
8. "Spanish Moss"
9. "Rapid Decompression"
10. "Bamboo Bones"
11. "Lehigh Acres"
12. "Bob Dylan Dream"
13. "One By One"
14. "Bitter Divisions"

Black Crosses:

1. "White Crosses" (Goldentone Studio Version)
2. "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" (Acoustic Version)
3. "Because Of The Shame" (Acoustic Version)
4. "The Western World" (Goldentone Studio Version)
5. "Strip Mall Parking Lots" (Goldentone Studio Version)
6. "High Pressure Low" (Acoustic Version)
7. "Hot Shots" (Goldentone Studio Version)
8. "Spanish Moss" (Goldentone Studio Version)
9. "Rapid Decompression" (Goldentone Studio Version)
10. "Soul Surrender" (Goldentone Studio Version)
11. "Lehigh Acres" (Goldentone Studio Version)
12. "David Johansen's Soul" (Acoustic Version)
13. "One By One" (Acoustic Version)
14. "Bitter Divisions" (Goldentone Studio Version)