Against All Authority / Common Rider Against All Authority / Common Rider

This split is particularly notable as it contains the last recorded music of Common Rider’s all-too-short career. Existing for a mere four years, the band was fronted by Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels, and carried on the positive message of unity which Op Ivy so embodied. Their four tracks on this disc are outtakes from the wonderful This Is Unity Music full-length, and provoke the question: why were these not included on that record initially? Just as strong as any of the band’s previously released material, tracks like "Where the Waves Are Highest” showcase the positive, melodic, and smooth sound purveyed by the band during their career. Against All Authority stand their ground alongside such impressive talent, with a higher-octane punk sound and more aggressive political stance. "World Dominator,” their best contribution here, moves fluidly from a classic ska sound to a fast and heavy punk beat, demonstrating the best the band has to offer. (Hopeless)