Aesop Rock Appleseed

Aesop ROCK returns from Music For Earthworms with an amazing collection of songs that may end up being the best EP of the year. Aesop starts things off hard with a yell of “Appleseed” and a quick vocal battle burst. The next three songs are good, but it’s only when the first sounds of the cello come in on “Hold The Cup” that Appleseed really gets to its core. At that point the beats get hard and Aesop just flows so damn fine. Each song becomes your favourite until the next one starts. At least, until the last song, and the truly best one. On “Odessa,” Aesop ROCK plays host to master MC/poet Dose One. They trade some magnificent flows over what sounds like the theme song for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 2000. Producers Aesop, Omega and Block all deserve plenty of credit for some of the best beats I’ve heard since DJ Moves. Still, Aesop ROCK commands attention on all of his songs. Think of the first time you heard Chuck D or Ice Cube, but with a slick-ass flow. He’s not slacking on his lyrics either. If you don’t track down a copy of Appleseed, you are doing yourself a grave disservice and I pity you. (Independent)