Aeroplane Trio Naranja Ha

This almost-decade-old trio formed in 2001 out of a series of late night improv sessions at Vancouver, BC's Sugar Refinery. Surprisingly, Naranja Ha is their first commercially available release. Sharing members with other like-minded West coast ensembles such as Inhabitants and Fond of Tigers, Aeroplane Trio are the most out-and-out swing-fuelled group in that scene. Featuring J.P. Carter on trumpet and cornet, Russel Sholberg manning the bass and singing saw, and Skye Brooks banging away on drums and percussion, the music on Naranja Ha is incredibly diverse for such conventional instrumentation. From outstanding free-form skronkery to languid, groove-laden ballads, Aeroplane Trio leave no base uncovered. To top things off, there's a bonus DVD featuring the Live at Ironworks concert film and a documentary of the trio's creative process called Getting to Naranja Ha. This is an ambitious musical gift from a criminally under-documented Canadian jazz ensemble. (Drip Audio)