Aero Flynn Unveils Justin Vernon-Produced LP

Aero Flynn Unveils Justin Vernon-Produced LP
Josh Scott used to be a Wisconsin associate of Justin Vernon, but shortly before Bon Iver hit the big-time, Scott broke up his band Amateur Love, moved to Chicago and remained in obscurity. Now, he's preparing to release his debut album under the name Aero Flynn. Produced by Vernon, the self-titled album will be out on March 10 through Dine Alone Records in Canada (and through Ooh La La Records elsewhere).

The album features a number of Bon Iver contributors like Mike Noyce, Sean Carey, Rob Moose and CJ Camerieri, among others. Sessions took place over a year.

According to a statement on Aero Flynn's website, the album "is deeply personal and as cold as space on your bare skin. It club-bangs; it psych-jams; it cathedral-shivers. The album sounds like it could have been made by someone from a bleak future age, who grew up on lunar outpost listening to Robert Wyatt and Thom Yorke Earth-tapes."

The statement also suggests that Scott, who has a history of depression and illness, has dropped off the map again since the completion of this album. It's not clear exactly what his status is at the moment, but in any case, the album will be out soon.  

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear "Twist," an orchestral ballad which pairs spooky folk balladry with experimental electronic elements. The previously revealed "Dk/Pi" is also below.

Aero Flynn:

1. Plates2
2. Twist
3. Dk/Pi
4. Crisp
5. Tree
6. Floating
7. Maker
8. Brand New
9. Moonbeams