Aereogramme A Story In White

Just when bands like Mogwai decide to abandon the quiet to loud guitar assault, another band reaches out and grabs the vacant spot. Aereogramme, who hail from the aforementioned band's home of Glasgow, Scotland, has actually been around since early 1998. Led by Craig B (formerly of post-rock outfit Ganger), Aereogramme's often loud but also quiet music falls somewhere between the monstrous Shellac and the sensitive Death Cab For Cutie. Labelling it schizophrenic is an understatement. Craig B's vocals on songs like "Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement" and "Shouting For Joey" are louder than Slayer's Tom Araya. Yet throughout most of A Story In White the tone is set more for a picnic with Christopher Robin and Pooh. "Egypt" is one of the most harmless songs ever written. Because of the inconsistency of the volume of the record, it's probably just easier to assume that Craig B is a sensitive guy who likes to blow off some steam after a couple of slow numbers. Nevertheless, he's unpredictable with his distortion pedal and is capable of making music that will break your heart. (Matador)