Aeon Rise to Dominate

Hailing from Sweden, and churning out anthems of pure anti-Christian blasphemy, one would immediately dub Aeon a black metal band. Instead, what we get is a very tight, impeccably brutal cacophony of death metal tunes sounding very similar to Hypocrisy. Rise to Dominate isn’t nearly as good as the latest Hypocrisy release but fans of Peter Tagtgren’s work will find solace in Aeon. Fans of Canadian death metal icons Neuraxis will also hear a lot of familiar tones on display. For those not acquainted, what Aeon delivers is thunderous double kick combined with guitar work reminiscent of the early ’90s Florida death metal scene. This is thrown together with vocals that are more comprehensible than most death metal acts. The overall portrait is a good one. The blatant blasphemy is backed up by a sheer viciousness throughout that fans of straight-up brutal European death metal should hear. (Metal Blade)