A.D.O.R. Signature of the Ill

Those who fancy themselves hip-hop aficionados will remember A.D.O.R. for his illustrious hip-hop past and the best part of Signature of the Ill is it sounds like it was 1992 again! The beats are strictly ’90s, reminiscent of Masta Ace, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Kool G Rap, etc. There are some dope joints on this record produced by A.D.O.R., K-Def, Sir Jase, T- Love and the man himself, Diamond D. The essence of this album is the track "The Realness,” featuring Diamond D and K Terrorbul with the Diamond D production stamp. A.D.O.R. keeps up the ’90s flava with lots of "yes, yes y’alls” and talking ’bout "fakin’ jaxx,” and his flow and rhyme ability is just as on point as it was a decade ago; just listen to the "Classic Bangerz” mega mix on the album — he still sounds like a across between B Real, Mike D and YBT. The lyrics are not really outstanding, with him mostly talking a whole load of nothing over banging production. The deepest it gets is "Not Tyme to Heal” featuring his dad and "Little Ones” where he rhymes and sings about his "seeds,” which is sweet and a little hokey at the same time. Don’t worry though, it all balances out with Diamond D rapping on the track "The Realness.” If you were a fan of A.D.O.R in 1992, then you will still be a fan in 2005. (Tru Reign)