Adolf Glitter Adolf Glitter

Adolf GlitterAdolf Glitter
Adolf Glitter (aka Kevin K., Suzanne Thompson and Roxanne Luchak) blend digital hardcore with dirty electro beats and a pop sensibility. Evoking Atari Teenage Riot and Crystal Castles, Adolf Glitter are above all grimy and fun. Full of energy, angst and strong European influences, they sound like something from urban Berlin, not downtown Toronto. The vocals are delivered with raw urgency and there's serious bass that could do some real damage live. The lyrics, which are often tongue-in-cheek, concern themselves with city living, the daily grind and technology, concepts inseparable from their beloved digital hardcore. In "IP Address" Adolf Glitter sing, "My emoticon's a frown," but with its sense of fun, rave sounds and booty bass, it's doubtful that anyone was frowning during the creation of this or will be while listening to it. (Independent)