Adema Unstable

Try as I may, I can’t seem to find anything to stimulate my review of Unstable, the second full-length release from Adema. The truth is that this band represents so many of the wrongs that plague the modern music scene. Nu-metal is suffering (with an already shaky foundation) and Adema is at the core of the disease that is eating it alive. This record has no identity. "Rip the Heart Out of Me” has fuzzy sharpness while "So Fortunate” is dripping in relaxing charm. But by the time the listener gets to the thrash-inspired last track, "Needles,” the record is has lost all sense of purpose. For a more skilled band, this might not be as devastating, but for Adema this musical schizophrenia just spotlights their mediocrity. If you can’t be great at one thing, be competent at many things. This record has no personality. Adema skilfully mimic the sounds and styles of other bands, including that of vocalist Mark Chavez’s brother (Jonathan Davis). Thus, this collection of musicians isn’t expressing their own personality (or the sum of their personalities). Unstable is Adema’s second strike. (Arista)