Adele's Ex Seeks Royalties for "Being a Prick"

Adele's Ex Seeks Royalties for 'Being a Prick'
English soul-pop singer Adele has got a lot of mileage out of some rocky relationships. The artist has admitted that her debut disc, 2008's 19, was inspired by an unnamed former flame that put her through the ringer. Considering her success since, the boy in question has decided that he wants in on what he feels is rightly his: Adele's money.

Adele recently admitted that her one-time beau has been in touch with her, demanding that he be paid royalties for inspiring her songs of woe.

"For about a week he was calling and was deadly serious about it," she told the UK's Sun newspaper. "He really thought he'd had some input into the creative process by being a prick. I'll give him this credit -- he made me an adult and put me on the road that I'm travelling."

No word yet on what he will actually get from the singer, but one hopes it's a swift kick in the pants.

Adele's latest album, 21, is currently the No. 1 album on Canada's SoundScan charts, as well as in the U.S. It has been sitting at the top of the UK charts for 14 weeks.