Adeem/Shalem The First Few Inches

Representing the highly respected 1200 Hobos crew, Adeem drops one fine-ass tape with production supplied mostly by the Vinyl Monkeys’ Shalem. The Freehand side contains almost 30 minutes of near constant freestyles by the MC who won last year’s freestyle battle at Cincinnatti’s Skribble Jam. Adeem spits his freestyles (and damn, some of them are nice) over instrumentals spun by Shalem as a sort of appetiser before the real meal begins on the Longhand side. Shalem supplies some nice beats that are experimental, but don’t get so freaky as to scare away the timid. Adeem sounds even better without the occasional pauses that occur in freestyles and the ability to create even more coherent stories. Although there are a number of good tracks, the definite mix tape addition is “Sub Wite,” which features Adverse rhyming with Adeem about what it means to be an underground MC and all the stupid questions you get. After this song you will want to find more Adverse music as much as I do. And, if you need another reason to search out this tape, take note that Alias blesses the mic and Mayonaise provides the cuts on “Dawn of Change,” while Mayo also contributes one of the best productions, “Blind Walk.” A nice walkman tape, for sure. (Independent)