Adebisi Shank Reveal Third Album, Share "Big Unit"

Adebisi Shank Reveal Third Album, Share 'Big Unit'
While offering up complex, multifaceted studio recordings, Irish trio Adebisi Shank tend to play it a bit more straight-forward in regards to promoting their band. For instance, the troupe are about to release their third full-length effort, and what do you know, it's titled This Is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank.

A press release confirms that Sargent House will deliver the set August 12 and describes the album as being filled "with pure rock anthems with undeniably danceable structures." The nine-song effort was prepped in a secluded house in Wicklow, UK, where the group would write and record daily.

The multi-genre-dabbling approach of the trio is said to be influenced by the likes of Electric Light Orchestra, Enya and Mike Oldfield, among others, with tracks crashing together touches of '90s dance pop and indie rock ("Mazel Tov"), as well as homing in on arena rock anthems ("World in Harmony"). The record also employs vocoder effects atop its varied soundscapes.

"We were trying to make something euphoric and huge, a universe of our own imagination that we could escape into," bassist Vin said in a statement. "Our inspirations were more cinematic and fantastical."

While the bulk of the set was performed by Adebisi Shank, guitarist/vocalist Lar Kaye's father Leonard Kaye added accordion to the album's "Turnaround." Down below, you'll find the album's tracklisting, as well as a stream of its "Big Unit," a bombastic fist-pumper almost as explosive as a pigeon-wrecking Randy Johnson pitch.

This Is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank:

1. World In Harmony

2. Big Unit

3. Turnaround

4. Mazel Tov

5. Thundertruth

6. Sensation

7. Chaos Emeralds

8. Voodoo Vision

9. (trio always)