Adaptive Reaction Terminal Hate

Adaptive Reaction come bearing 1,001 different sounds on their second seven-inch release, Terminal Hate. The three-piece combine elements of classic street punk with progressive electronic beats, replacing any and all guitar loops and breakdowns with overused synth sounds that can grate. Get past it and guitarist/vocalist Myke Adaptiv's deep, throaty voice has enough range to drive the EP forward. First track "Louder than Tension" begins with a repeating synth hook pulsing over heavily distorted guitar. In contrast, "Heads Will Roll" (a new recording of an older song) begins with driving bass synth beats coupled with rhythmic drumming, with the synth overpowering the guitar. Elements of Terminal Hate are reminiscent of classic punk influences (everyone from Circle Jerks to the Dead Kennedys), yet Adaptive Reaction project an amalgam of electronic synth sounds that make them similar to the likes of Skinny Puppy or hardcore electro-band Heavy Heavy Low Low. Combining three-chord punk with synth is a unique take on an ever-changing genre, and for that are to be commended. (Independent)