Adam & the Amethysts Return with 'Flickering Flashlight'

Adam & the Amethysts Return with 'Flickering Flashlight'
Following a three-year layover, Montreal-based indie outfit Adam & the Amethysts are set to release their new album, Flickering Flashlight. Come October 4, the album will be released via Kelp Records.

According to a press release, group leader Adam Waito recorded the disc over the past two years at home, and the end result is a disc "filled with beautiful contradictions: dreamy, yet melancholy, lo-fi yet texturally complex."

The song cycle is said to be full of layered strings, pianos, guitars and percussion. You can stream and/or download new tune "Prophecy" below.

While Adam & the Amethysts debut disc, 2008's Amethyst Amulet, was a love letter to the past, Flickering Flashlight is said to find him in the now.

"The overarching theme is less a longing for a long-lost and mythologized past, but more a reverence for the present, and Adam's situated-ness in that present in relation to the past and future," the PR says.

Waito handled most of Flickering Flashlight's recording on his own, but he is occasionally joined by cellist Rebecca Lessard and drummers Nathan Ward and Jordan Robson Cramer, from Miracle Fortress and Sunset Rubdown, respectively.

On top of the album, Adam & the Amethysts will be playing a couple Canadian gigs. The schedule is down below.

Tour dates:

8/18 Ottawa, ON - Raw Sugar Café
8/25 Toronto, ON – Tranzac
9/22 Montreal, ON - O Patro Vys
9/23 Montreal, QC - Prism Tower

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS - Prophecy by kelprecords