Actress Unveils New Album 'R.I.P.'

Actress Unveils New Album 'R.I.P.'
Back in the fall, hyped-up British beatmaker Actress announced a new single, a release that was slated to be a primer for a forthcoming full-length album. Sure enough, the rising electronic star also known as Darren Cunningham has now unveiled his latest album, R.I.P., which will come out via Honest Jon's Records.

FACT points out that the Honest Jon's webstore previously posted a listing for R.I.P. but without any information about the release. Actress has now shed some light on the matter by taking to Twitter to post a picture of two burned discs containing unmastered music, plus a 15-song tracklist for R.I.P.. Clearly, Actress has religion on the brain, since song titles include "Holy Water," "Uriel's Black Harp," "Serpent," "Tree of Knowledge" and "The Lords Grafitti."

We can't say for sure until the album is officially announced, but assuming that nothing changes, the album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Unfortunately, no release date has been revealed yet.

UPDATE: R.I.P. will be out on April 24 in North America and April 20 in the UK.

R.I.P. will be the follow-up to 2010's highly touted Splazsh.


1. "R.I.P."

2. "Ascending"

3. "Holy Water"

4. "Marble Plexus"

5. "Uriel's Black Harp"

6. "Jardin"

7. "Serpent"

8. "Shadow from Tantarus"

9. "Tree of Knowledge"

10. "Raven"

11. "Glint"

12. "Caves of Paradise"

13. "The Lords Graffiti"

14. "N.E.W."

15. "IWAAD"