Action Makes Action Makes

Action MakesAction Makes
If anyone should be tingling your neck hairs right now, it's Toronto, ON garage/punk/psych rock band Action Makes. With such a commanding presence of screams, strong electric guitars and tons of adrenaline, it's hard to turn away from the album once it gets going. And when it's finished with you, it'll leave your ears ringing. From heart wrenching epic "Let Them Go" to the trippy "Drag the Lake" and the screams in "Nothing for Money," their power will hit you in the gut. There are lighter songs that fare just as well, such as the classic keyboard-heavy "Sandworms," basement-party "Bell Hop" and the country-infused "Drive My Truck." It's easy for fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (before The Effects of 333) and British-influenced rock styles to identify with this sound. Action Makes aren't as doom and gloom though, shining a light on a promising future. (Optical Sounds)