Action Bronson, Party Supplies and the Alchemist Team Up as Jericho

Action Bronson, Party Supplies and the Alchemist Team Up as Jericho
It may not be Blue Chips 3, but Party Supplies producer Justin Nealis has revealed info behind another team-up with hip-hop foodie MC Action Bronson that will go under the name Jericho.

Speaking with Hip Hop DX, Nealis noted that he and fellow Party Supplies member Sean Mahon went into an L.A. studio with Bronson and producer the Alchemist last month to work on a batch of genre-jumping tracks. It's unclear at present, however, if the songs will show up anytime soon.

"Jericho may be a project that we drop, that's really under-the-table, no one knows about that yet," Nealis explained. "Jericho may just be like a multi-genre, no label EP that may cross genres from hip-hop to electro to '80s pop. We may bridge the gap with that actually, because some of the stuff we recorded for that, one of the songs sounds like a late '80s Smokey Robinson record and shit. And then, there's some surf rock on there that sounds like the Beach Boys and Bronson's rhyming on it."

Song specifics for Jericho weren't delivered, but Nealis noted that the sessions had the crew crafting cuts with "an electro sound" using keyboards, a Wurlitzer, bass and guitars, and some beatsmithing from Alchemist.

In addition to reuniting Bronson with Nealis, who issued their Blue Chips 2 tape last fall, Jericho once again brings the bearded gourmet back with West Coast producer Alchemist. In addition to a recent Coca-Cola-inspired cut "The Diagnosis," the pair delivered their hard-hitting Rare Chandeliers freelease in 2012.

Nealis and Mahon, meanwhile, are coming off the recent release of their own pop-spiked Tough Love LP.