The Acorn "Misplaced" (video)

The Acorn 'Misplaced' (video)
The Acorn's No Ghost isn't exactly new at this point, given that the album came out back in mid-2010. Still, that isn't stopping the esteemed Ottawa folk rockers from giving it one last push in the form of a music video for the track "Misplaced."

The Graham Rapsey-directed clip accompanying this chilled-out folk cut is appropriately low-key, as it shows the band playing their instruments on a snowy plain in Ontario's Sandbanks Provincial Park. Things eventually get a bit weirder, as various pieces of outdoors equipment (an axe, a canoe, a life jacket) are shown hanging in mid-air and singer Rolf Klausener's face is warped by some subtle but strange effects. The frontman eventually walks away from his guitar, which is left hanging in the air.

The Acorn are currently taking a break from the road while Klausener works on tunes for the band's next LP. For now, watch the video for "Misplaced" below.