The Acorn "The Flood Pt. 1"

The Acorn 'The Flood Pt. 1'
For their follow-up to 2004’s The Pink Ghost, Ottawa’s the Acorn have chosen a weighty yet whimsical narrative to introduce themselves to a wider audience. According to the band, Glory Hope Mountain is "part biographical narrative, part surreal fairy tale,” which follows the travels of Gloria Esperanza Montoya — or "mom” as front-man/songwriter Rolf Klausener calls her. It’s a bold concept for their debut on a big gun indie like Paper Bag Records, but the grouping of Klausener’s inspirational lyrics and the band’s lush electro-acoustic orchestrations makes such an experimental venture appear quite light and palatable. "The Flood Pt. 1” is a bracing call to arms that shows these Ottawans’ inner live wires. They waste little space, throwing a rhythmic jolt into a circle of roving guitar passages, ukulele flares, tribal chants with sonic adjustments that'll have your ears thinking they actually climbed the walls whilst recording this.

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