Acid Mothers Temple Family Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want

This three-CD set is as good of an introduction to the Acid Mothers Temple collective as an interested newcomer could ask for. A three-CD collection assembled by AMT leader Makoto Kawabata, the 25 songs collected here are a wonderful overview of the band, its offshoots and extended family. Disc one is only one track, but it's a doozy. "Pink Lady Lemonade” is a staple of the AMT live set and has been for sometime. Originally recorded for their first album, the version offered here is the definitive one, clocking in at an astounding 60 minutes. The remaining two discs collect tracks from their various other releases, from the acid-folk of Floating Flower to the more traditional Zoffy to the Hawkwind-inspired space rock played by Kido Natsuki. They have also included tracks on bands that have recorded for the AMT label, such as San Diego psych rock band Maquiladora, the acid folk of Philadelphia's Fusaxa and the folk balladry of French singer Frederic. (Earworm)