Acid House Kings Music Sounds Better With You

Acid House Kings <i>Music Sounds Better With You</i>
As previously reported, Acid House Kings are breaking a six-year silence with the release of a new album, Music Sounds Better With You. The long-running indie pop Swedes are planning to release the album on March 22, but you can get a head start on the record with a full-album stream.

 A press release reports that the band label this album "sharper, catchier and livelier" and a "goodbye to genre obligations," along with the declaration that "it's got castanets on every single song." Cheery lead single "Would You Say Stop?" suggested a grin-worthy pop sound when it debuted last month, and the full album is no different.

Check out the stream of Music Sounds Better With You here on Hype Machine and be sure to pick up the album when it's released on March 22 via Labrador.