AC Acoustics Understanding Music

Every other month, Scotland seems to produce another great pop band, as if they are a dime a dozen. Last year saw Travis score big, the Delgados finally got the credit they deserve and Teenage Fanclub released yet another sweet record. Hiding behind a tree somewhere in Glasgow were AC Acoustics, a band that has been around for over ten years but have received zero exposure. More dark and unusual than their Scottish counterparts, AC Acoustics use lush and heavy melodies to mould their blend of symphonic sad rock. Like their friends Placebo, the band uses gloomy imagery to add a cinematic feel to their tunes. Known for their involvement with films and experimental art exhibitions, the lyrics of Paul Campion alone show how he strives to make his music a form of art and love. Telling stories is what this album seems to be contrived of, as it constantly yearns for some love-induced closure. "She Kills For Kicks" tells the story of a femme fatale embarking on a murderous spree. While the subject matter is grim, the music is beautiful sounding like a clash between the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" and My Bloody Valentine's "Soon" (and worthy of them both), which can be said for most of the album. While there's nothing as hummable as Travis or Teenage Fanclub on here, Understanding Music is filled with creative pop music. (True North)