Absolutely Free's Moshe Rozenberg Join Forces with Ryan Dodgson as Brr

Absolutely Free's Moshe Rozenberg Join Forces with Ryan Dodgson as Brr
Moshe Rozenberg is a former player in DD/MM/YYYY and a current member of spin-off project Absolutely Free, but his latest project finds him breaking away from the traditional band format. He has collaborated with visual artist Ryan Dodgson as Brr, a new project that has pulled together a book-and-record set that crosses three separate mediums.

The project incorporates music, visual art and text. The duo's self-titled effort is available from Rozenberg's own Itchy Roof in a limited-edition pressing of 350 books that each include 32 pages and come with a 7-inch record, plus a digital download card.

The 7-inch includes 11 tracks, all of which are less than two minutes long and range from short synth ditties to noise-soaked song fragments. Listeners are intended to read along with the record, and each track cues the reader to turn over to the next page.

A press release describes Dodgson and Rozenberg's vision like this: "They present 10 conversations using three mediums interdependently. The dialogue that takes place between these mediums creates an animate, immersive environment and fragments the viewer/listener's association between the inseparable text, sound and image."

Watch a demonstration in the video below. This will take you through the first couple of pages.

Brr will be officially launched with a show at Candle Recording Studio (221-18 Sterling Rd.) in Toronto on November 2. Admission is free and doors open at 9 p.m. The show will also feature performances from CTRL Phreak and Creep Highway.