Abominable Iron Sloth The Id Will Overcome

Finally escaping the confines of members' past hardcore-influenced efforts with Will Haven and Ghostride, doom/sloth power trio the Abominable Iron Sloth follow up their eponymous 2006 debut with an incredibly gloomy yet ravenous attack on The Id Will Overcome. Living up to their name in some respects, the Abominable Iron Sloth revel in recognizing their own power and creative abilities on this experiment in coupling thick dirges with screeching vocals, resounding, Fu Manchu-worthy drum beats and the chaos of untamed distortion. Vocalist Justin Godfrey pushes so hard his voice almost gives out, establishing an exciting experience in performances so passionate and in-the-moment that things almost go too far. Were the Abominable Iron Sloth drivers and The Id Will Overcome their car, it would wind around unprotected cliffs recklessly, constantly threatening to careen into the jagged rocks below. Somehow they hold onto it for 40-plus minutes, forcing everyone, including themselves, into virtual cardiac arrest. (Black Market Activities)